Paul and Ray arriving at Black Sea in 2012

Paul and Ray arriving at Black Sea in 2012
Paul and Ray at end of 1,600km ride from Budapest to Black Sea in 2012

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mueng La, Laos mile 655

This post is from March 1, 2017.

We made our planned 69 miles today to the small town of Mueng La. The day was full of a lot of big climbs, at one point climbing to over 5200 above sea level. Had I known what the day was going to be like I'm not sure I could've made myself leave the guest house this morning considering my illnesses, but we did make it and I'm feeling OK - I think The antibiotics are starting to work. On the climb out of the town this morning we quickly encountered this horrific crash:

We see a lot of water buffalo along the roads. For example:

After one of the big climbs today the scene of this valley that we would descend into greeted us:

This is our location as of tonight:

We are hoping to reach Vietnam the day after tomorrow.

One comical thing that happened tonight was when we were shopping for our energy drinks for tomorrow in a small thatched hut "store" on the main road through this village. I was trying to find some form of potato chip that was not squid or a seaweed flavored. Suddenly Ray, the owner of the store and her children all let out small yelps and Ray whirled around asking WHAT?  It turns out that a lizard had dropped from the thatched roof onto Ray's back and was clinging onto his back. I swiped it off onto the ground and all was well though we were all a bit surprised.


  1. You are carrying very little gear for such a journey. Where are the panniers like the German adventure cyclists had?
    Glad you are feeling a little better.
    Love, Leslie

    1. Ray only has a small backpack and my bike has one very minimal set of panniers. We are going much ligher than any one else we have seen. Of course we are doing more miles per day as well. Heavier weight would be a disaster on these climbs. They are already a disaster for me.