Paul and Ray arriving at Black Sea in 2012

Paul and Ray arriving at Black Sea in 2012
Paul and Ray at end of 1,600km ride from Budapest to Black Sea in 2012

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hanoi, Vietnam - mile 1063 - FINISHED!!

This post is from March 10, 2017.

We have made it to our destination! The biking was not hard today except for increasingly intense traffic as we penetrated into this big city of Hanoi. The weather was reasonably good and there were not many hills before it became completely flat the second half during this 68 mile day to Hanoi. Our actual finish line was to this bike shop that is now boxing our bikes for transport on flights home with us to Boston and Chang Mai respectively.

Here are a couple of shots trying to capture a sense of the traffic in Hanoi. In addition to capturing the traffic this also captured Ray about to have an emergency diarrhea attack and having to convince the store owners to let him use the toilet immediately:

Here is a shot of Ray making a new friend in the place on the outskirts of the city where we decided to have lunch:

The bike shop and our hotel are in the West Lake district of Hanoi. This is the view that welcomed us when we reached the lake and were only a few hundred meters from the bike shop:

And this, finally, is our location at the end of this long mountain bike adventure:


  1. Proud of you two!!! Thanks for letting us live vicariously from the comforts of our couch and modern plumbing!!!! Hope Ray made it.... Congratulations. That was another epic adventure to add to the other amazing memories you two have shared. Carry on........

  2. Thanks for posting and congrats on making it to finish line!

    Why is Ray packing up his bike. I thought he would ride home?

    Mot, Hai, Ba, YOOOO!!!!!